To a new immersive party experience powered by Pacha Group and 528 Ibiza.

El Cielo 528 is all about techno and house vibes to be enjoyed along with countless hours of spirited rhythms, uncharted fun and an extraordinary open-air dancefloor, where music blends with nature and the positive energy of the island.

El cielo

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of pulsating beats, stunning surroundings, and an ambiance that will leave you spellbound.

El Cielo 528 will host some of the iconic residencies from Pacha, presented in a matchless atmosphere that is absolutely worth living.

Get ready to dance non-stop from 5PM to 00AM at this exclusive party experience of house & techno music!

El cielo
Music as the language of atmosphere

El Cielo 528 is the place where music holds the common thread to a bunch of unforgettable evenings that will mark an experience of a lifetime in a truly immersive party scene.

Take your evening to the VIP level

Skip the queues and go straight  into the VIP. 

Harness your hedonism by immersing yourself in the experience with exclusive tables, attentive service and an extraordinary sound. Get the most glamourous and electric VIP experience. 

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